Gait and Running Analysis

Running Analysis

Are you looking to start running or training for a marathon? Have you started running and are experiencing pain in your legs or back? Running gait can play a huge role in both injury prevention and performance optimization. Running is like any sport in that improper technique can lead to injury and limit your ability to train properly.

At Peak Form Physiotherapy, our therapists now offer video guided gait and running analysis. Using slow motion video capture, we can analyse your walking and running patterns to determine any imbalances/asymmetries you may have. We can also expose any compensations that may be the cause or can lead to overload/repetitive stress injuries. During your gait analysis session, our physiotherapists will observe and record your run, break down the movements with you, and give you feedback and tips that can be implemented immediately. By the end of your session, you will have a better understanding of your individual movement patterns when you run, how these movement patterns can be contributing to your pain, and most importantly how you can change or correct some of these movement patterns to get rid of your pain and improve your performance.

Pre-season is the perfect time to fix any imbalances or correct your movement patterns so that you are performing your best when spring time and the warm weather comes. Call us at 905-271-1000 to book your running analysis now!

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