Preventing Golf Injuries and What To Do When You Sustain One

Landscape of a golf green with a man in the foreground mid-swing

With the coldest of the winter months behind us, golf season is almost here! Time to dig out your clubs from the back of your closet. Time to step out of the indoor simulators or heated ranges if you are a real fanatic. But with the promise of clear skies, sunshine, and shaving a few strokes off your short game, comes the risk of injury. Did you know that statistically one in four Canadian golfers are playing with a golf-related injury? That means in every foursome, at least one person is playing through pain and discomfort. Imagine what this can do to your game!

Most golf related injuries are a result of overloading the muscles and joints in the body, and can be resolved with rest, activity modification, and some simple exercises. However, other injuries are most complex, and require the knowledge and expertise of a professional to help determine the cause, eliminate the source of the pain, and prevent further recurrences of the pain.

Movement of the golf club during a swing occurs through 3 different axis, and relies on our whole body to move the club head through these axis. However, not every part of the body is meant to move. Areas like the hip and thoracic spine should be utilized to generate power and rotation, while the lumbar spine/low space should remain stable to transfer rotational forces from the hips and legs to your arms and hands.

At Peak Form Physiotherapy, we understand the relationships and regional interdependencies of our bodies as it relates to golf. In our golf biomechanics assessment, a quick movement screen will help determine which areas of the body are moving too much and which areas are not moving enough. With this knowledge in hand, we can develop a treatment program designed specifically with your body in mind to allow you swing more fully, with more power and less pain.

If you are excited for the upcoming golf season, and are either experiencing pain or want to make sure you don’t miss any days in this short golf season due to injury, come talk to us today!

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