What is Causing My Low Back Pain?

Causes of Low Back Pain

If you currently suffer or have had a previous episode of low back pain, you’re not alone. In fact, a recent systematic review by Sadler et. al. (2017) found that the lifetime prevalence of low back pain to be as high as 84%, with 23% suffering from chronic low back pain. Interestingly, this study found the three biggest risk factors for developing low back pain were: restricted lateral flexion or side bending of the lower back, restricted hamstring length, and reduced lumbar lordosis (natural curve in the lower back). These risk factors may look familiar in some of our daily routine such as the habit of leaning towards one side while sitting, prolonged sitting causing tight hamstrings, or slouching while sitting.

Do these risk factors sound familiar? With an increased sedentary lifestyle, we are no longer moving our spine through its full range of motion on a regular basis. Think about all the sitting you do during your day: all that slouching will reverse the normal curvature in the lower back and sitting with our legs bent for hours on end will inevitably cause our hamstrings to tighten up.

The good news is, these risk factors and causes of low back pain are completely reversible! With a few simple movement exercises and stretches, we can mitigate these risk factors and decrease our chances of experiencing low back pain. If you are currently experiencing back pain or have had back pain in the past, come talk to our team at Peak Form Physiotherapy. Together, we can determine where your limitations and restrictions lie and help create a treatment plan to get rid of your pain and reduce the risk of future occurrences of low back pain.

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