Advanced Concussion Treatment for Post Concussion Symptoms - Balance

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During the time following a concussion, your brain cells will recover but you may experience persistent symptoms even after this biological recovery. These issues are called post concussion symptoms. They may vary amongst individuals but often include balance issues, neck pain, visual issues, and problems with memory or multitasking. As a result, treatment needs to be multifaceted and tailored to the individual.

In this mini blog post series, we will delve into each of these post concussion symptoms and how physiotherapy can help with concussion recovery.

Balance is an important part of our lives and is something that should be trained across all ages regardless if the individual has previously suffered a concussion. With post concussion rehabilitation, balance will be a step-by-step process with progressive challenges over time to ensure safety and wellbeing. Balance exercises will typically start with legs closer together as a base of support. The next progression is single leg balancing. Subsequent progression is the addition of sensory changes such as how much visual input the patient has, how wobbly the surface might be, and even asking the patient to have a conversation and balance at the same time.

If you’ve suffered a concussion in the past and are still experiencing post concussion symptoms, speak to one of our physiotherapists today or visit our Physiotherapy clinic in Mississauga to see how we can help.

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