Road Trip Stretching and Wellness Tips

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One of the positives that came as a result of the pandemic is the increased enthusiasm for local travel within the province and country. With a few more summer months ahead, many of us are packing up the car and heading out for some road trip adventures. Whether you are driving to the east coast and soaking up the maritime vibes, heading west to explore mountains and trails, or going north for some of Ontario’s beautiful camping, we’ve got tips to make the car ride friendlier on your body! After all, nobody wants to start their vacation with back pain, shoulder aches, and neck strain.

Tip #1: Pit Stops and Breaks
It may be tempting to just keep driving to get to your destination sooner, but making stops along the way allows you to keep your mental game sharp for driving long distances.

Tip #2: Stretch!
We can’t say this enough because we love the benefits of stretching. Our go-to road trip stretches include standing back extensions, quad stretches, shoulder rolls, and neck stretches. During a pit stop, try spending 5 to 10 minutes going through these stretches to alleviate tension and strain on your back, shoulder, and neck from prolonged sitting and driving. Learn about the differences between dynamic and static stretching in our previous blog post.

Tip #3: Hydrate and Fuel Up
Keeping hydrated and eating a healthy meal or snack can help you stay focused and energized for your travels. We recommend food high in protein and unsaturated fats over high-carb meals with saturated fats and high sodium levels, which may cause lethargy and bloat. Our go-to road trip snack recommendations are cheese and crackers, unsalted nuts, beef jerky, and fruit!

Want to share your travel experiences with us and let us help you limber up your body for road trips and adventures? Come visit us in Port Credit and book a session with one of our therapists today. Our physiotherapists love to travel and give tips on how to keep your body from accruing aches and pains before you even reach your destination!

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