What Kind of Running Shoes Do I Need?

Proper Running Footwear

Many of us may have made a new year resolution to exercise or be more active this year and with a month down, how has your progress been? If your goal has been to run more, you might find yourself lost when it comes to your shoes. We often work with runners and treat running related injuries. Some of the most common questions our team of physiotherapists receive are: What type of running shoe do I need? When do I need to replace my running shoes? Pronation? Minimalist? Rocker? Motion control? Stability?

It’s easy to get lost and confused with this sea of terminology. The fact is that running shoes occupy a multi-million dollar industry designed to confuse the consumer with the “latest technology” and the promise of better performance or less pain. Unfortunately, not all technology is created equal and not all shoes are appropriate for every type of runner. Many different factors will help you decide which type of shoe is best suited for you: what is your gait pattern, what is your heel doing during weight-bearing, is your arch collapsed and what happens when you push-off? Your own health history may dictate your ideal running pattern, which will influence the type of shoe you will need.

Interested in learning more about your ideal running shoe? Come talk to the team at Peak Form Physiotherapy and we can help you determine which shoes are best suited for your gait pattern and help minimize injury and improve performance.

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