How Do I Start Running?

Man and Woman Running in the Community

Running is a great form of exercise and most people don’t continue beyond the school days of mandatory running with gym and track and field. Starting to run again may seem daunting, especially when you’ve tried to hit the pavement and can barely run five minutes without feeling absolutely winded.

The truth is that if you are starting to run after a long hiatus, it will feel difficult at times. However, with a proper training plan, running will become easier over time and you will see improvement with your cardiovascular health.

So where do we begin? As always, we recommend that you have a discussion with your family doctor before starting any new exercise routine. Beyond that, all you need is a comfortable pair of running shoes with adequate support, breathable work-out clothes, a solid training plan, and the willpower to achieve your goals!

Achieving a 5 km run is a common goal for the beginner and most people can typically expect to take anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks to achieve this goal. A good training plan normally incorporates 3 days of running (which begins as a mix of walking and jogging before progressing to running), with an optional strength training day along with rest days.

There are many popular 5 km training plans out there and here are our top picks:
C25k App (Apple | Android)
Lululemon’s 5k Training Plan by Canadian National Champion Rob Watson (PDF)
Nike’s 5k Race Training (PDF)

It is important to stretch your muscles before and after your run; to prevent injury and to help ease muscle soreness. Don’t forget to stay hydrated! Most importantly, listen to your body and rest when you need it. Muscle soreness that lasts a couple of days after running is typical but pain and aches that persist beyond a couple of days can be a cause of concern.

We know a lot about running, and we can help you with your running goals! Our physiotherapists can assess your running form, train you to run properly while minimizing the risk of an injury, help strengthen weak muscles, and also identify and treat any abnormal issues and pain that can occur with running. Peak Form Physiotherapy is on Lakeshore road in the Port Credit, Mississauga area. Stop by and speak to one of our therapists if you have any questions about beginning to run!

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