What to Expect From a Virtual Physiotherapy Session

COVID-19 virtual physiotherapy

During your virtual session, you will be connecting one-on-one with one of our physiotherapists through video chat to discuss your current symptoms and progress to date. Through therapist-guided movement tests, your physiotherapist can examine and help pinpoint the source of your pains or restrictions to movement on screen. While your physiotherapist aren’t able to perform any in-person palpation or hands-on treatment, these movement screens can help determine movement patterns that are causing your pain and more importantly, strategies that will help alleviate your pain and get you on your road to recovery.

For follow-up sessions, your physiotherapist will examine and review your home exercises to make sure you are doing them correctly and that they are still appropriate for your current stage of recovery. If needed, they will progress and update your home exercise program to continue your recovery.

What virtual sessions can do:

  • Assess your mobility and posture, as well as home ergonomics (especially useful for those working from home)
  • Diagnose the movement faults or range of motion restrictions that are causing your pain
  • Create and demonstrate individualized home exercise treatment plan specific to your needs
  • Review and receive instant feedback on your home exercises
  • Connect with your therapist when its convenient for you

While we don’t know what tomorrow may bring, we know that our team and our community will all come out of these trying times better and stronger than ever. Thank you for your continued patience and support, we hope that even though we remain apart this experience will bring us all closer.

If you are interested in a virtual physiotherapy session with one of our therapists, please contact us today by phone at (905)271-1000 or email us at info@peakformphysio.com

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