What to expect at a Peak Form Physiotherapy visit?

Physiotherapy Clinic

When you come to Peak Form Physiotherapy, your first visit will always include in-depth assessment. Your therapist will take a detailed health history, followed by a hands on assessment consisting of movement analysis, special testing, and palpation. From this, we will be able to determine not only the root cause of your issue, but also tailor an individual treatment plan specific to your needs.

We believe knowledge is power, which is why we spend the time to educate you on your condition, why things are hurting, and what you can do specifically to start feeling better right away. We will always provide you with a home treatment plan that is specific to you, so you will never leave a session without a plan.

At Peak Form Physiotherapy, our therapists are all manual therapy focused, using specialized hands on techniques to reduce muscle spasm, improve joint mobility, and restore optimal movement patterns. A treatment session typically consists of hands-on treatment in a private treatment room to eliminate your pain and restore movement in your body, followed by working with our therapists out in our large open concept gym to build strength and resilience in your body. Our sessions are always 1 on 1 with your physiotherapist, so you will always get the dedicated treatment you deserve.

Contact us by phone at (905)271-1000 or email us at info@peakformphysio.com to make an appointment with one of our physiotherapists today!

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