When Do I Need Physiotherapy?

knee Arthritis

Our team of physiotherapists treat various acute and chronic conditions from muscle strains and back pain, to ligament sprains and soft tissue injuries. Whether you have a new injury or an old one that flares up on occasion, physiotherapy can restore movement and function, reduce pain, and prevent additional injuries. Physiotherapy is not just beneficial or limited to injury or pain caused by exercise and sports, and treatment for injuries from daily life and repetitive stress is very much common amongst our clientele.

Muscle strains, aches, and pains are commonly addressed by physiotherapy. Lesser known conditions that may benefit from physiotherapy include issues with mobility, balance, and coordination. If you’re unsure whether or not you need physiotherapy, your physician may also be able to guide you with your decision.

Our physiotherapists perform a thorough initial assessment at the first appointment to identify the root cause of your injury or pain and make an informed clinical decision as to whether or not a course of physiotherapy will help. Follow-up sessions generally include hands-on manual therapy, modalities (such as ultrasound, muscle stimulation, sports taping, and acupuncture), and therapeutic exercises. We seek to improve the condition or injury by way of reducing pain and/or restoring movement and function.

Physiotherapy is also important for pre/post-operative rehabilitation, can help you become stronger, and increase freedom of movement and mobility.

If you think you need physiotherapy or would like us an assessment to determine whether or not physiotherapy will help you, contact us today and our team will take care of you!

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